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James&Portia's adventures. Impressions as I saw it.
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Автор:  Михаил Канунников [ 14 авг 2010, 14:26 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  James&Portia's adventures. Impressions as I saw it.

This article was translated from original post by Me.
And let's the story begin :)
Part 1. Misha&James.
A ka I'll start this story with how I threw emergency workers in case Skovorodyns'kyi area.
The day was drawing to a mid-Friday. I have tried in more rid of all official cares and drop a couple of hours to friends in Skovorodino. (Max, Lena, greetings to you!).
At the time I was severely limited, the cashier station bought a train ticket to Chita-Blagoveshchensk, and quite smartly went for a walk to the glorious city of Skovorodino. A walk was interesting, but a little tedious, yet it is not our "flat" Blagoveshchensk, there were ups and downs.
So I went to Skovorodino and met him. Yes, I have never learn with people this way. I can see is a man of marginal stocks (homeless), stick to the passers-by and pokes in the face of automotive camera. Passers shy away from it or shrug. Then he went to the parking lot standing on the bike and, judging from their gestures, began looking for his master. I was looking for loud, I heard nesrusskuyu speech. His head flashed the thought: "non-Russian-bum?". Upon closer examination, it was not a bum, but errant motorcyclist looking for tite repairment station:
His name is James, judging by his accent, well, if not an Englishman, most likely American.
Coming from Lake Baikal in Primorye.
How could have helped. Specified if he has any friends in Russia who can help on the road.
Apparently not. Then I took a heavy club in BlagBayk, more precisely, to one of its activists Max Shakin, and at the same time otzvoilsya to Sanya Efimenko in g.Svobodny, "warned everyone," such a thought flashed in my head.

Yes, James I instructed the note with phone numbers of my friends, my business card, said goodbye and ran his own business. I'm still waiting for a train.
<to be continued...>

Автор:  Mary Richy [ 23 авг 2010, 21:50 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: James&Portia's adventures. Impressions as I saw it.

Part 2 What's the fu...g go on?
A trip on the train always dispose to think about everything. I'm sitting on a train and drinking a kvass. I’m looking at Chinese-neighbor, who ate something wrong in his Chinese community, I feel that the night would be very amusing. And Thinking about how to move to the next compartment.
Sometime I call to Alexander, and ask about my new acquaintances, had they are already driven.
Sasha said me that no.
I started worry. There is no news from James.
Meanwhile, our friends started to study the question, which is less, fools or roads in Russia?

Well, no is no. Alexander is also said that he had find motorcycle camera to replace the one full of holes, which I saw in Skovorodino.
But still, The night was very sleepless's. I had cure my unfortunate neighbor by kvas. There is nothing to breath, so Most of the night I spent in the vestibule. At the same time I thinking about James and where he is now.
Oh, I forgot to say, he travels with his wife. Her name is Portia:
Both are an adult (based on passports, each with 60 with the tail) they are U.S. citizens, and fully prepared to obtain destructive doses of Russian extreme. James is a lawyer. His character is very explosive and he always thirst for adventure. Except trips on motorcycles, engaged in rafting, even jump with parachute, traveling across The America in a freight car freight train in his youth. Like Fox.
And Porsha is working as English teacher. By the way, her English for me was much clearer and more similar on those language that I learned in school and college:) It was much more difficult to explain with James for me.
Anyway, it's not about language. We have come to the next series.

Автор:  Mary Richy [ 23 авг 2010, 22:35 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Re: James&Portia's adventures. Impressions as I saw it.

Part 3 Shit happens

I returned home on Saturday. As a true citizen of my country, I doesen’t going to go to work. I woke up around 12-00. We fed our children and prepared to go skate on roller in the area of Public Cultural Centre. Phoned with Sanya and realized that shit really happened. James take a call on gasoline station near Gonzhi. His tire is snapped out and cord is climbed of, there was no spare, and bought a motorcycle wheel on 17 " in those area was an impossible task. Also, he said that he trying again to repair his wheel, and go to the Vladivostok. I and Sanya solving to go and help after 15-00. So I had to:

First, try to convince my wife let me go in one way, though, to be honest, I doesn’t hope on It, I knew that she would go with me.
secondly, to attach to the relatives my children and in a day or two.
find and buy a new tire for a motorcycle.

So, who knows me and all my family, was not surprised that I and Julia drive out from Blagoveshchensk at 17-30:)
Without undue haste, reached the Svobodniy, picked up Sanya Efimenko, tools, reserve of food and drink. And about 20-00 we were leaving the city.
How we reached to James and Porsche - it's not interesting story. Federal Highway M-56 in that area is more or less good condition, except perhaps in the interval between Uglegorsk and Shimanowsk, but I tell about later. So we're driving on the road, stopping almost on every gas station and cafe, and asking about our cyclists and oncoming truck. At gas stations I leave my business cards with a message for Jamce. Sanya t bit by bit collected information about Americans. Information on their location and condition are obtained contradictory, but it all comes down to this: people saw their together, or in solitary in the area of Tygdy and they stay there and can’t going anywhere. They stand or lie on the road, or near a bus stop, or near gas station.
The news simultaneously pleased and (still alive) and upset (I, frankly, did not thinking about such journey).
Be that as it may, we reached to gas station in Tygdy and met in distress:
In the photo above, a couple of Primorye, they helped James and Porsche did not lose heart.The girl, in my opinion, calls Svetlana, and a guy I did not have time to get acquainted. Because here we come to the next series.

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